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Road Choice Truck Parts All-Makes Alternators

Microwaves, refrigerators, laptops, televisions – these accessories make life on the road more comfortable, but they can also strain your truck’s starting-charging system.

Mack Leasing System Celebrates 30th Anniversary

It’s been three decades since the first Mack R686 model tractor was rented by one of the eight founding member companies of Mack Leasing System. In 1987, eight Mack dealers and the Mack Trucks, Inc. management team launched a new lease and rental organization to offer Mack customers alternative options to drive and use quality Mack vehicles.

More Cool With Less Fuel

You know that properly maintaining a truck’s engine and tires can have major implications for fuel economy. But proper HVAC maintenance and use can also affect fuel consumption.

Genuine Mack Oil Filters – Engineered To Perform

With new CK-4 engine oils now on the market and in your trucks, you’re sure to be enjoying longer drain intervals and fewer oil changes.

Go 1,000,000 Miles Between Coolant Changes

Coolant comes in a rainbow of colors, and each one provides different protection for the vehicles in your fleet. While conventional green coolant is probably the easiest to find, it was designed for your car – not your truck

Less Vibration. Less Fatigue.

A smoother ride isn’t just more comfortable – it’s also a better business option. Why? Fewer vibrations mean your drivers are less fatigued and more alert.

New ASIST Enhancements

Mack Trucks is pleased to announce that the following enhancements have been made to ASIST v7.39.0:

Reduce CSA Lighting Violations With These Tips

When you drive with broken lights, you could be putting yourself and others on the road in danger.

Certified Uptime Centers Increase Service Efficiency, Improve Uptime

Within the next few months, we will officially launch the Certified Uptime Center concept across the dealer network.